Ok, here’s the score: you know the product, many of you have ridden one and everyone knows at least someone who religiously swears by one. Yes, we’re talking about the legendary Brooks saddle.

You’ve seen the ad all over the place. And what a bold beauty it is; one of the most traditional brands in the industry is taking the piss of one of the rudest traditions of its own heritage. This one:


I can’t but admire the precision, passion and dedication Brooks handles its brand. It doesn’t stir revolution, it doesn’t contain any shock value and there’s no cutting edge mashing or fgfs here, but somehow they manage to capture the very essence of cycling in every detail. Be it their products, packaging, website, newsletters — you name it!

These are guys who have been in the business longer than most of us have lived, with their passion still intact after all these years. To prove the point, have a look at the “making of” this ad:

Via Brooks England Ltd.

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