Here’s some heavy duty bike porn for you to drool over. The frame is from a couple years back and is a Cinelli Supercorsa Pista collaboration between Barry McGee & RVCA. Thanks Ethan for sharing and making our day. We’re simply lost for words. Beautiful!

A likely collaboration?

Cinelli has always combined design, competition, technology and art.?????? Art is in Cinelli’s DNA, and creative talents like Keith Haring, Mario Schifano, Alessandro Mendini and Maurizio Cattelan have made their contribution with catalogue covers, installations, performances, one-offs that are constantly traveling in prestigious exhibitions. RVCA is a rapidly growing young Californian company of surf and skate wear whose success is the result of collaboration with artists, most of them from the area of street art.

Creating cycling culture.

Here too the artists not only collaborate on the creation of products, but also function as an observatory, with antennae to catch new cultural trends.?????? The encounter between these two companies with a similar approach has led to the works of 13 highly acclaimed artists who have reinterpreted the Cinelli Supercorsa Pista, an icon of worldwide cycling. Some have made sculptures, while others have kept the models in working order, always in the fixed-gear track version.??????The choice of Cinelli was a precise acknowledgment not only in terms of culture, but also regarding the company’s unique history of competitive success.

Barry McGee: a die hard cyclist.

Cinelli’s Lasers have won an impressive quantity of world and Olympic competitions, and today the development of the track and fixed-gear program is the main objective of the company. ??????Besides the 13 one-offs, a bike produced in a limited edition of 50 pieces has been designed by Barry McGee, the most famous street artist in San Francisco, whose works are featured in many museums. Barry himself, like all the invited artists, is an excellent rider…when he was a kid he rode a Supercorsa Cinelli which he now displays with pride in his studio.

Sold out.

The bikes were all ordered on the first evening, at the opening of the event called “Pressure” in the RVCA gallery at Ashbury and Haight in San Francisco, 19/06/2008.

(Source: Cinelli.it)

Owner in his own words.

Ethan: “I live in Austin TX and saw one of the 25 full builds from this Cinelli limited release at Mellow Johnny’s.  I didn’t fancy all the components used in the build but was able to get a 56″ frame from them.” 

“I had a pretty clear idea that I wanted to use vintage Italian components (save the seat, cog, and chain) to complete the build and had to source internationally (UK, Germany, Italy, Argentina!) and wait patiently for many of the components to hit auction sites.  There is a bit of obsession represented in my pursuit of period correct details such as the “Patent Campagnolo” pista chain-ring bolts, crank bolts, crank dust covers and pedal dust caps but overall my goal was for an integrated ride with a quiet aesthetic.”

Full build-list

Frame / Size / Year:
Cinelli Supercorsa Pista x RVCA x Barry McGee / 56 / 2008

Handlebars / Stem:   
Cinelli Criterium / Cinelli XA with Cinelli pantograph

Fork / Headset:   
Cinelli Supercorsa pista / Campagnolo record

Front Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
Front: Campagnolo c-record pista / Campagnolo Omega mid-v / Veloflex Record

Rear Wheel / Hub / Rim / Tire:
Rear: Campagnolo c-record pista / Campagnolo Omega mid-v / Veloflex Record

Crankset / Bottom Bracket:
Campagnolo pista with 1/8″ sprinters chainring – pre 1968, 151 BCD / Campagnolo record pista

Saddle / Seat Post:
Brooks swallow 2005 limited edition / Campagnolo c-record aero

Pedals / Chain:
Campagnolo c-record with cinelli binda straps / D.I.D. Racing Pro

Gearing / Chainring / Misc.:
49 x 15 / Campagnolo pista 151 BCD 1/8″ reinforced sprinters ring, Phil Wood SLR track cog

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