You’ve all seen this image popping up around the web. Featured in Prolly & PC amongst others, Bikeminimalism HQ became curious about the man behind the images, one Mr. Anthony Furlong. Here for you is a tiny cross section of his works. Take a deep breath, have a blissful scroll and read our interview of the man himself. We can’t but admire the healthy modesty of this talented young photographer. Wow!



Who is Anthony Furlong and why?
I’m not much of person to talk about myself, simply because I don’t know way to say, but I am a 23 year old photographer with many hobbies. Right now track bikes are my passion and photography is my life. Why? I guess that is what my life consists of the most right now, along with college and work.

Your photography has created a buzz over the fixed gear community. You’ve recently been featured on Prolly & Pedal Con
sumption, among others. How did you get there?

I guess I couldn’t have made it there without the company of my buddy’s over at Bumstead’s Bicycles, they have influenced me a lot to shoot and ride fixed gears.

What’s next? Anything interesting in the pipeline?
Shoot more, get more shots in fixed gear magazines, and hopefully land a photo gig somewhere.

You are obviously a passionate cyclist. Give us lowdown on your current bikes?
As to how much I would like to say that I have more than one bike but sadly I don’t. I have gone through many bikes in the past 2 years but my current track bike is the love of my life right now, my Cinelli Mash Bolt. I absolutely love riding this thing, it was definitely one of my dream bikes.

Skateboarding vs. fixed gear. Discuss.
Skateboarding was definitely one of my first passions, Ive been skateboarding since I was 13 years old, but since the past couple years a new passion of mine started to develop, fixed gears. Although I still skateboard a few times a week, I definitely love riding my bike more, and as to which one I like shooting more I don’t think I can choose! I love shooting them both!

Three items for an ultimate desert island gig for Anthony Furlong?
1. A magic lamp so I can wish for more than 3 items on the island, 2. Food, 3. Internet. 
Number 1 would take care of the rest of the things I would want on the island hahah.
ps. im horrible at those kind of questions ahaha

Check out the full lowdown of Anthony’s work at his Flickr.

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