It’s so easy to lose focus of the joy of riding when conditions are hard but even in the worst of weathers you can find that simple joy of mind-emptying simplicity and lose yourself into the gentle hum of spinning steel.

Here it is. Winters Edge. The recurring moment that hits us up here every year. This is a short film about the winter that was. For many of us it’s also a film about the winter that never existed. Just looking out the window, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. It’s time to switch to slicks and pretend it never happened. This is how we roll.

This short film was made in the depth of Finland’s Arctic winter by John Amunét, text & voiceover were laid down by Samu Ainesmaa, the rider, our hero is Jukka Sinda. Big thanks to KRNKY & Bagaboo. Thanks to all collaborators and especially those sharing it. We are very proud of it. Hope you like it too. 

Check out our insight to Arctic winter riding featuring Jukka Sinda rider profile, interview & photos from the filming session.


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