MIXED WORKS is a new brand producing high-quality messenger bags, cycling bags and accessories.

Established by two young designers from Poland, they currently stock three messenger bags: Falcon (small), Hawk (medium) and Eagle (large). In addition, their range includes a medium-sized backpack Swift, as well as Lark hipbags and Sparrow toolpouches.

MIXED WORKS products are made from only best fabrics and materials, such as Cordura 1000, truck tarp, ITW buckles, YKK zippers, featuring nylon threading and webbing. Built to last a lifetime, each product is sewn by hand, allowing the guys to look into the very smallest details and keeping the quality control at extremely high level. This is what we love to hear!

You can take a closer look at these beautiful products at their temporary blog: http://mixedworks.blogspot.com/

Contact and orders: info@mixedworks.com

The site will open at: www.mixedworks.com in the near future.

Bikeminimalism is very much looking forward to testdriving one of their products in the near future, with a more indepth review coming up…

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