Phil Wood released their brand new track cranks available for pre-order a few hours ago. Shown on Interbike last year, the design hasn’t changed very much — a couple of years back Phil’s site showed a scaled down 3D print, which seems pretty identical to the ones released. Surprisingly, the pre-order release came fairly quietly, with MASH storeroom as a first on the forefront.

The retail price, 620 bucks, has raised a few eyebrows around the blogosphere. However, the set includes not only the cranks but a full set:

• 170mm Phil Wood Track Cranks (Polished)
• 48T Phil Wood Track Chainring
• Polished Silver Crankarm Dust Covers
• Phil Wood BB (Sealed/110mm)
• Polished Silver Phil Wood Mud Guards
• Phil Wood BB Tool
• Limited Run Packaging

Taking this bundle into consideration, the price isn’t actually over the top. It takes simple mathematics to figure how much brand value is added on top of the retail price. We say none. Knowing Phil products, this set will redeem its price easily. Basically, you gotta pay to play.

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