MIXED WORKS is a brand of messenger bags, bike bags and accessories run by Jan Godlewski, a young designer from Poland.

Product range

MIXED WORKS currently makes three different sized messenger bags (Falcon, Hawk and Eagle), a backpack (Swift) as well as two hip pouches (Lark & Sunbird) and a tool pouch (Sparrow). More products are currently in development.

The production process

MIXED WORKS tells us that their products are designed and handcrafted from best materials available. Their design ethic aims to make products to last a lifetime – comprising of only stuff they would personally use. The tiny workshop makes each product by hand, one by one, and taking care of even the most minute detail by themselves. The production process oversees a strict quality control and no product is passed to the buyer without a detailed and thorough inspection.


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OUR TEST DRIVE: The Lark hip bag


MIXED WORKS sent Bikeminimalism the Lark hip bag for testing. In this first part of the product test we will initially go over the product in detail. In further parts will be be reporting how the Lark copes in everyday use. Here are our initial reactions:


The outer shell

uses of 1000 denier Cordura. This weave is one of the heaviest, sturdiest and most resilient nylons available. The yarn is rugged and appears to be thicker and more durable than we’ve encountered on similar products.


The inner lining

is made of heavy, industrial-strength truck tarpaulin weave. It appears to be flexible and durable, and upon initial reaction seems to withstand tearing, stretching and bending extremely well.


The threading

is double stiched, with heavy-duty weaved nylon ribbon sewn as reinforcements along and around the edges of the fabric. The stiching is straight and tight.


The hipbelt

is there. Unlike in many similar products, this is a big bonus for MIXED WORKS, eliminating the need to dribble the pouch onto an existing belt. That means it’s fast to put on and off. The belt is fully adjustable and made of a weave very similar to car or airplane seatbelts. Looks to be very, very durable.


The attachments

are made by ITW, which produces the majority of plastic buckles to backpacks, bags and military carrying devices. Needless to say, these look to be of very high quality, sturdy and resilient to even hard core wear and tear. The main flap closure uses two Velcro strips, which close the bag nicely and tightly.


The dimensions

are tight: 23 x 18 cm with a thickness of 7 cm. We reckon the 1,5 litres volume is just enough to carry the initials. The pouch itself is light, it weighs 250 grams.


The insides

consist of a large compartment for tools, tubes and similar and a smaller compartment with a Velcro closure for keys, a phone and such. The small compartment is closed by a nylon tab with a strip of Velcro. We’d feel perhaps more secure with a zipper here, but that’s just us.


The U-lock holster

sits at the back, like in most hip pouches. The stiching looks tight and sturdy, and our Kryptonite Mini-U fits nice and tight.


Initial test results

are as good as they can get. We tested its capacity with a selection of tools, as we were making some upgrades to the winter ride. Along with the necessary set of tools to carry along for a test ride, we threw in a couple of inner tubes just to be on the safe side. The fit was tight and heavy. Just to provoke a bit, we packed in a little too much. Nevertheless, the Lark feels nice and comfortable.



Initial verdict

is a big thumb of approval. No mixed reactions here, the Lark does what it’s meant to do. At 35 euros, we feel MIXED WORKS has put in great value for money as far as materials, workmanship and quality is concerned. With free shipping to Europe and 5 euros worldwide, the Lark is simply great value for money. Thus, the product is highly recommended for the uses it’s intended for.

In the next episode, we’ll report how it actually works – with different contents and uses. We’ll put it through hip pouch hell, in all conditions and report accordingly.

Meanwhile, we feel comfident enough to recommend to take a look at the products HERE.


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