The Bikeminimalism Awards 2012 shortlist is public and live! In the initial stage, there were 3828 votes in total.

Your nominations resulted in several new entries, which made it onto the shortlist. We are particularly stoked that your nominations have to some extent changed the game, giving “outside the list” nominees the opportunity to fight for the win.

Based on your votes and nominations, the Top 10 performers in each category qualified onto the shortlist. As you will notice, there are more than 10 candidates in most categories. This is due to the fact that several candidates in several categories collected the same number of votes and nominations. In other words, competition is very tight.

The initial votes stand as they are, and are counted towards the final results. The candidates are presented in random order for each voter, so the order should not reflect their ranking or influence the final results.

The ballot is open until February 28, 2013, and you can vote for your favorites right HERE!

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