I traverse the vast expanses of where the noise stops.

Where the air is furiously calm in a whirl,

A raging sea of windows blur.

Let me disappear here, in the midst of the light,

Wrapped in the night like a cowl,

Fiery glad that the song of my heart

Takes up wings in my flight,

In the hours when the haunters howl.

When the days grow shorter, when the nights grow cold,

When we’re learning to put on winter clothes,

When my freckles begin to fade, and my hands tremble,

Let me go on.

We had the pleasure of working with KRNKY on a quick and dirty film shot during the last days of this summer. The temperatures were dropping to somewhere around +5C° but our masked rider soldiered on nevertheless. We truly hope you people out there enjoy this as much as we do.

Let this serve as a reminder to LET GO of the summers gone. And GO ON, ride into the new year. And while you’re at it, grab some swag from mighty KRNKY.

Poetry and spoken word from the hand of Samu Ainesmaa.

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