Victoire Cycles is a young brand from France, providing products dedicated to urban fixed gear bikes. The core of the company was formed by a group of friends from diverse backgrounds, such as bmx and triathlon, cycling enthusiasts and mechanics. Seduced by the aesthetics, the simplicity, and the feeling they got riding this type of bike soon drove them to forming the company, with a mission to provide improved solutions to parts available on the market.

Victoire’s main product is a hubset with an innovative splined interface to fix the cog and titanium bolts. Matching splined cogs for Victoire Cycles hubs and classic threaded cogs are both available from size 13T to 20T. They also produce a lockring which can be locked with either a 36mm or a lockring wrench. Furthermore, Victoire also has a stem designed for bike polo or urban use. All parts are machined in 7075-T6 alloy.

Since a few months, Victoire has also offered custom steel frames for track, road, polo and cyclocross. The frames are offered in fillet brazed or TIG welded versions. A crankset, road hubs and a seatpost are also in the pipeline.

Unlike many of their competitors resorting to the Far East for production, all Victoire parts manufacturing remains in France, Clermont-Ferrand (the home of the Michelin tires).

Check out their products on the website: www.victoire-cycles.com and scoot over to their Facebook page for the latest stream of news.



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