This just released by Good Things International:

“The real thing!

What a way to start a year! I received a Cease & Desist email from a colossal $ports ¢orporation (formerly known as a cool Skateboard Company) for infringing their copyrights.

At first I felt dreadful and threatened, then I looked at the bright side and felt honored. I mean this is a milestone for the Good Things brand, I’ve been secretly waiting for something to generate publicity and catapult my brand into larger collective conscious. If some licensing coordinator in the corporate America has noticed my independent label and is seriously afraid of a one-man-operation hurting their business, then I must be doing some things right. Gotta say I’m stoked :-)

The design they were referring to in the C&D, the Dot Logo t-shirt, is an homage to one of the most iconic symbols of my adolescent years. I was not attempting to pirate or spoof the original artwork or trying to trick anybody into believing they’re buying something that they’re not. Rather than a dead-ringer, I think my design is an obvious tribute to Jim Phillips and the imagery of 80’s sk8 culture that have been a huge inspiration for generations of skateboarders, surfers and creative people. I strongly believe that a respectful reference only adds the value and heritage of the original work.

Also, graphic appropriation and détournement of preexisting aesthetic elements have a long history in skateboarding and other subcultures so I find it quite absurd to receive a C&D from a company that’s famous for capitalizing on designs such as Grosso “Coca Cola” and “Alice in wonderland” or Jeff Kendall “Jägermeister”.

It is disappointing to realize how a brand founded by surfers and fueled by passion has turned into a corporation run by investors and lawyers and lost the connection to its own roots. Gosh, talk about childhood memories being stomped on… like a superhero letdown.

Please pass the torch by spreading this post, thank you!”

Show love: www.goodthingsinternational.com/

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