Got a mail from Kirk Tsonos from 904 Fixed in Jacksonville the other day. Let Kirk speak:

“For those of you not familiar with Rivercity Crit 2, it’s a fixed gear specific criterium bike race hosted in Jacksonville, Florida consisting of 30 minutes of full-speed racing and ending with a 5 lap countdown.

People traveled from all over Georgia, Florida, and even as far as Puerto Rico to compete and spectate this event. The event was a huge success!

I am nothing but amazed that 904 Fixed Team rider Addison Zawada and how he achieved the win for this event. Around the halfway point of the race, he was banking hard on the technical s-curve on the course while lapping the field with the lead pack and Andrew Parker went down directly in front of him launching Addison into the air causing the inevitable. Addison quickly got back to his feet with no hesitation and hopped right back on the bike to sprint back to his position in the field pulling the win for the race.

1st Place | Addison Zawada of 904 Fixed (Jacksonville, FL)
2nd Place | Manuel Velez of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
3rd Place | Keith Lechleidner of Champion Cycling (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
4th Place | David Velez of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
5th Place | Rafi Robles of PRFixed (San Juan, PR)
6th Place | Brandon Waters of 904 Fixed (Atlantic Beach, FL) “

Photos by ZLG Photography. Check out the full post HERE!

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