The Awards voting started in December 2012. This year we did it in two stages: initially there was a longlist, with a possibility to vote as well as to suggest your own nominees in each category.

For the second stage we compiled a Top 10 shortlist from your votes and counting in the entries receiving most nominations in each category. Voting was recommenced and the ballots closed on February 28.

Nearly 13.000 voters voiced their opinion, giving a total of 150,000 votes. And here we are. Here are the results.



Photo: Ass-Savers

  1. Ass-Savers SmartAss fender
  2. Cinelli: The Art and Design of a Bicycle book
  3. H+Son Archetype rims
  4. Phil Wood crankset
  5. Stanridge High Street Pursuit frameset

The Product category reflects partially new fresh inventions, and partially new razor sharp products from established players. We are happy that the winner was able to bring a completely new product into the market. What was first viewed as a short living novelty gimmick, proved itself in use on thousands of bicycles around the world. Hence, we hail Ass-Savers for saving us from a multitude of wet asses around the world. Dry butts are dry butts, no matter where we roam. Thank you Sweden.



Photo: Dave Hall/5th Floor

  1. Stanridge High Street Pursuit
  2. Cinelli MASH SSCX
  3. Low/// Pursuit
  4. Leader Kagero
  5. Tokyo Fixed ONO

We are particularly happy that the streneous commitment, dedication and passion of Adam Eldridge has paid off in the results. Titled as one of the hardest working men in the business, the High Street Pursuit is single-handedly created by the one man show called Stanridge Speed. Documenting each frame built with almost insane attention to detail, offering seamless communication with each client, and coupled with exceptional bikefitting skills, Adam deserves this award with every cell in his body. And given into the hands of the right rider, the HSP is fast. Super fast. Just look at the Red Hook results.



Photo: Cinelli

  1. Trimble Race Event (Red Hook Crit)
  2. Portland Design Works
  3. Destroy Bikes
  4. Stanridge Speed
  5. LOW Bicycles

What started out as an illegal night race in Brooklyn, has over the few years become one of the most prolific race organizers in the cycling community. And what started out as a one man show, has become a much-awaited, well-organized and very liked series of events, connecting the entire fixed gear community. We lift our hats to David Trimble and the entire staff of Trimble Race Event for saving the track bike and keeping the show running for all of us.



Photo: Takuya Sakamoto

  1. Prolly is Not Probably
  2. Pedal Consumption
  3. Urban Velo
  4. Trackosaurus Rex
  5. Bomb Hills, Speed Kills

Taking in more votes than all four runners-up put together, Prolly is Not Probably deserves this award. What saw its humble beginnings as a dude documenting stuff he was doing, has become the world’s most followed documentation of a dude doing stuff. Never short of original content, beautiful images, quality and sharp opinion, no news surpasses Prolly. Coupled with entuhusiasm, a new layout, artwork and wide range of content (bikes, music, design and bullshit), everything Mr. Watson touches seems to turn into gold. Just look at the inventory in his highly popular webstore, if you don’t know what we mean. And that’s why an entire generation of cyclists keeps on pillaging and hitting enter. Every day.



Photo: Dylan Bigby

  1. Chas from MASH
  2. John ”Prolly” Watson
  3. Kenny Arimoto
  4. Massan
  5. Ippe/Tom LaMarche

This expression started out as a sarcastic pun coined by a certain Mr. Watson. When we decided to include this category, we must confess there was some irony involved. However, as the votes started coming in, we noticed that the results consisted entirely of high profile, top-notch riders. As a conclusion, we think fixiefamous has indeed collected a whole lot of substance, and turned around the meaning of this repulsive expression. Fuck fixies, fuck fame. It’s fixed gear, and it’s still about doing what you love, and doing it well. Makes us want to go out on a raidô. And that shoutout goes out to Chas and the entire MASH team. Thanks for making and keeping it real. We miss your hillbombing films, though…



Photo: Jason Sellers

  1. Red Hook Crit Milan
  2. Red Hook Crit Brooklyn
  3. London Olympic Games cycling events
  4. Bespoke Bristol
  5. King of Fixed Helsinki

The most well-organized race, the most radiant participants and the most fun to watch, Red Hook is undoubtedly THE race. With all due respect to the Olympic Games, we are particularly moved that Red Hook received more votes. It goes to show that this community is bustling with DIY ethic and readiness to create its own rules. As Red Hook evolves into an entire series of events for 2013, we are confident that the future will be more vibrant and exciting than ever before. Thank you Mr. Trimble for keeping it alive and kicking!



Photo: Chrome

  1. Chrome
  2. Rapha
  3. Mission Workshop
  4. Cadence
  5. Swrve

Sharp, functional, stylish and purpose-built, Chrome is the embodiment of urban cycling. Never compromising its roots, the brand has despite its growth managed to keep its heritage alive. Adding the likes of Massan and Cardiel to the Familia, Chrome presents itself as a credible, cutting edge and uncompromising brand. Why does it work? Because it’s real and, regardless of geography and season, manages to serve and protect the urban cyclist. And that applies to all the winners in this category.



Photo: Chris King

  1. Chris King
  2. Phil Wood
  3. Paul Component Engineering
  4. Cinelli
  5. Thomson

Quality, reliability & design. That pretty much sums up the winners here. We are a bit lost for words to describe the winners here. It’s a list that many riders out there take for granted – the vote shows it. Chris King’s company ethos pretty much sums it up: ”We are fiercely independent, incorruptible by passing trends or fads. Careful consideration drives our actions. We practice patience with new product and process introductions. We recognize our efforts are just a few points in a universal continuum. We are underpinned by quality craftsmanship and premium material selection. Uncompromising fit and finish standards support our lasting brand appreciation. We appreciate the beauty in creative and elegant solutions”. Thanks for putting the words into our mouths.

The Thank Yous and Acknowlegements

Thank you for voting. You made it happen. And thank you for your continued support. Winners’ interviews will follow in coming weeks.

Stay tuned. Please.


9 thoughts on “Bikeminimalism Awards 2012: The Results.

  1. Dude: The results are based 100% on your votes, so the only way to influence the top 5’s is to vote. Did you?

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  3. I like how London Olympics placed third in events, even though it wasn’t a choice and had to typed into “other.” Wasn’t it???

    • That’s right. The Olympic cycling events received the most nominations in the “event” category, and also a plenty of votes in the second round of voting.

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