We’ve always been great fans of shop visits, so we decided to make one. Shock Therapy is an LBS in our hometown, Helsinki. Known for their extensive professional knowledge and pretty cutting edge workshop skills, we knew our visit was going to be something else.

We also knew that the build in question was going to be sick enough – a custom built Supernaut by Tonic Fabrication. And we knew that the owner – a gentleman going by the aptly-titled moniker Kid Scientifik, is a fellow who rarely welcomes the concept of compromise into his fleet. But to be honest, what these guys had in store for us left us gaping in awe…custom cut and rethreaded Phil spokes, internal/hidden spoke nipples custom lathed one by one, a modified headset, an 44rn chainring, Enve…the list is endless.

Here’s the build story on film, avec some stills. Have a look. And be kind: rewind.

A full bike check with spex is right HERE.

shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-1 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-2 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-3 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-4 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-5 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-6 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-7 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-8 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-9 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-10 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-11 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-12 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-13 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-14 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-15 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-16 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-17 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-18 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-19 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-20 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-21 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-22 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-23 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-24 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-25 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-26 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-27 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-28 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-29 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-30 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-31 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-32 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-33 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-34 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-35 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-36 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-37 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-38 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-39 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-40 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-41 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-42 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-43 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-44 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-45 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-46 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-47 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-48 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-49 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-50 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-51 shocktherapy_tonicfabrications-52


2 thoughts on “A Build Story: Tonic Fabrication Supernaut x Shock Therapy.

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