This just in from AdamEldridge at Stanridge Speed, who has hooked up with Seagull Bags & Death Spray Custom to produce the Crit Duffle in time for the RHC. And THAT bike (click images to supersize)!

“A month ago Dan and I hopped on skype with DSC. What your looking at is the result. I’m always after a multi use product. Anytime I can eliminate “stuff” and replace multiple items with one item I’m down. When I can do that and support American manufacturing by way of a 10 year old grassroots company thats even better.”


The duffel is bomb proof:

  • cinch top with overlap flap to protect interior contents (think of your favorite backpack)
  • waterproof lightweight nylon reinforced laminated fabric – hightech, no more trucker tarp floating bag inside of exoskeleton.
  • cinch straps on the body of the bag to decrease size if not fully loaded.
  • standoff lashing velcro frame straps for frame transport.
  • standoff lashing velcro wheelset straps for spare wheelset transport – think velodrome or CX.
  • waterproof zippers.
  • duffle handles on the top and bottom.
  • removable shoulder strap system.
  • large mouth openable panel that doubles as a standing platform – think muddy cx races when changing shoes.

Dude! That bike! Get in touch with Dan at seagullbags.com for more info.


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