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Backtracking Cannondale Tracks is a tricky one. This one’s from Helsinki, where the number of these icons of track bicycle heritage have during months increased heavily. Arriving to Finland from the States via a brief spell in Stockholm a few years back, this particular one was in Oulu for a while. Probably the northernmost ‘Dale on earth, it truly has seen a fair share of use. The funny, and somewhat magical thing with C´dales is that the more they go, the better they look. That’s why we love this one particularly.


Frame & fork: Cannondale Track 1992, 58cm
Wheels: Mavic Open Pro on Mack Superlight hubs, laced with DT Revolution
Chainset: Suntour Superbe Pro 167,5mm w/ 49t ring
Bottom bracket: Tange LN-7922 109mm ISO
Chain: HKK Vertex
Cog: DA SS-7600 16t
Pedal: MKS+Kashimax Super Sprint+BLB
Couch: Flite Ti ’93+American Classic Ti
Headset: King
Stem: Steel!

Many, many thanks to Iiro for letting us share this ageing beauty. We sincerely wish him lots and lots of blissful milage, because more than anything, these things are made to be ridden!


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