Emblem Bicycles is a new bicycle startup from Los Angeles. The brand offers in house manufactured frames, like the Corsair, pictured above, which is made of 7005 and equipped with vertical drops and an EBB.

All frames can be coupled with parts that are chosen and put together over an easy-to-use web interface — resulting in a custom built bicycle that’s suitable for all budgets, uses and riding styles. The components for each build vary depending on the price point. The range consists of budget parts like Tektro and Microshift, but also brands like Shimano and Mavic. Stuff at the higher end of the spectrum, like Phil Wood and Paul Comp are also offered.

More info on Emblem Bicycles and their custom building interface can be found on their Kickstarter pitch.

To get news updates on Emblem, go their website. Editor’s note: saddle angles!


4 thoughts on “Introducing: Emblem bicycles.

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  2. Note on saddle angles: head mechanic Craig gets super aero with super-tight hamstrings.

    Thanks for sharing!

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