It’s now been a few months since I got my Truk Pros. I’ve been using them rather extensively, just to get them worn in properly.

The test was conducted with both Crank Bros Eggbeaters and Shimano M540 pedals. Both Crank and Shimano cleats were easily installed and the shoes clipped in with ease to both pedals. I didn’t find any unnecessary play between the pedals and shoes when pedaling. The foot play was as minimal as it gets with this type of shoes. The Truk Pro’s sole and cordura upper remained stiff during the months of testing in snow, sleet, water and normal dry conditions. Furthermore, the shoe seemed virtually waterproof, which in turn would normally mean compromises in breathability. With these shoes it wasn’t the case. They were ok to wear all day.

Initially, the shoes seemed somewhat more robust than my Kursk Pros. However, I found these shoes to be a more comfortable wear, and wore them with ease, day in, day out, both on and off bike. Somehow the Truk Pros was easier to walk in, compared to the Kursks: stiff just in the right places for good pedal power and flexible elsewhere for easy walking. The cleats were recessed just enough not to make any contact with the ground, which is very important for city riding. In addition, the looks are discreet, cool and collected, as opposed to many full blooded SPD’s that tend to look like water skis.


In conclusion, I’d say that the Truk Pro is what you should go for if you ride in the city, don’t want to compromise comfort, stiffness OR good looks. Five outta five.

Many thanks to Chrome for giving us the opportunity to try these out. Cheers!

Pics by Chrome.


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