Test conditions
We wore the swrve Milwaukee ES throughout the whole fall-winter season. Used through heavy rains, through sleet, slush and snow, as well as through windy Arctic blizzards, the swrve Milwaukee ES served us well. Hence, our initial reactions right HERE proved us right.

During the fall, a short sleeve merino tee was enough underneath. As the temperatures dropped to below freezing, another long sleeve merino layer was added. In mid winter, with temperatures of around 15-25°C, we used an additional merino sweater. All in all, three layers of merino got us through the winter quite nicely.

When beginning our tests, the jacket seemed extremely breathable, even TOO breathable. However, as we got down to some proper riding, little pearls of humidity started to surface onto the exterior. The jacket efficiently wicked moisture away from the skin, guaranteeing a warm ride even in coldest of weathers.

As we quickly found the swrve Milwaukee ES to be very water resistant, we tried it out in more radical settings. After a fifteen-second shower, everything was virtually dry underneath, so we decided to replicate the experiment for the film. Pouring a few buckets of water on our model didn’t impress him much, but once we finished filming the sequence he was quite happy-go-lucky to let us film him riding around the ice-cold streets of Helsinki…pretty impressive.

Swrve products are available at www.swrve.us in the States and at www.swrve.co.uk in Europe. Recommended!


2 thoughts on “Film: SWRVE Milwaukee ES Test Ride II.

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