Hello and sorry for the lack of posts recently.  The weather’s been very favorable, hence we’ve spent more time riding and less blogging, and so it should be…until this.

KASPERI is a brand we’ve been big fans of for quite a while, and unforgivably, we’ve never featured their products properly on Bikeminimalism. A small brand of hand-made leather bags and attire, Kasperi products are specifically designed for the cyclist in mind. The brand pays special attention to materials, details and functionality, and the products are made from the finest high-grade leathers and materials available and tested in the harsh Nordic seasons of Finland.





Kasperi has currently two different sized shoulder bags in their product range. The bags are made from vegetable tanned leather and feature sturdy stainless steel buckles.bag_shoulder_large_pic_1_large bag_shoulder_large_pic_3_large bag_shoulder_small_pic_4_large




The bags feature various pockets and compartments for carrying laptops and other goods, as well as stabilizer straps for secure on-shoulder transport. Alternatively, both bags can be attached onto the handlebars or racks, if you prefer.

In addition, there is a version designed specifically for camera equipment…

bag_camera_pic_2_large bag_camera_pic_5_large bag_camera_pic_6_large

…as well as a saddle bag for effortless transport of on-bike-essentials .

bag_saddle_pic_1_large bag_saddle_pic_2_large bag_saddle_pic_4_large

To top off the swag factor, Kasperi has a cycling-cut jacket in high grade leather. Featuring longer sleeves, a protective lower back portion and underarm zippers, this in our opinion is one of the best cycling jackets in the market. To top off the cycling friendly features, it features a high turtle neck collar, along with multiple pockets and reflective details. Yeah!

jacket_pic_1 jacket_pic_2 jacket_pic_3 jacket_pic_4 jacket_pic_5 jacket_pic_6

To find out more or to order your custom-made product, please visit kasperi.net or send an email to info(at)kasperi.net. Thank you.

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